About the methodology

Learning to play the drums according to the method of S.O. Makievsky

Makievsky's method – this is a technique, purposefully designed for learning how to play a drum kit. The principle of learning is based on the consistent development of motor stereotypes (reflexes) while playing various rhythmic patterns, from simple to complex.

Training takes place in several stages: at first, the stereotypes of the movement of the shoulder girdle are developed, then the elements of the playing area — the forearm — are connected to the performance, brush and fingers.

Ultimately, a balanced game apparatus is formed, which is universally suitable for any style of play. You get the freedom to realize all your creative ideas.

Makievsky's method is advantageously different from the widely used ones, but outdated methods, based on exercise systems only for small (marching) drum.

I. Ryabtsev, O. Fantaev and S. Makievsky at the meeting of the studio's graduates

In old schools, which are intended primarily for marching drummers, the work of the shoulder girdle is often neglected. But without its full development, a free transition between different elements of the drum set becomes impossible (drums, plates).

This applies to both simple, basic rhythmic patterns, and complex (rudiments, etc)

Tightness, lack of relaxation in movements – the main drawback is not only for beginners, but also many experienced drummers.

Learning according to this method solves this problem once and for all.

Not so long ago, Makievsky's method received high praise from Peter Magadini, an outstanding percussion teacher (USA). His students — already well-known teachers — work according to the same system:

  • Vitaly Onyshchuk – mentor of the famous drummer Petr Ivshin


  • Oleksiy Trifonov –

and your humble servant –

  • Igor Ryabtsev
drummer teacher

During the existence of our school, a special approach to education and formation of creative activity of our students was determined, among which there are brilliant and fairly well-known drummers in musical circles. Including :

  • Alik Fantaev

  • Pavlo Kireev
  • Yehor Gorkin
  • Leonid Matata
  • Oleg Grabovlyak
  • Mikola Khomutov
  • Viktor Lisnikivskyi (band “Come on”)
  • Dmytro Voznenko

And a lot, others…

In our school-studio, a sequential division of the stages of learning to play the drums is used. Theoretical knowledge and technical skills are meant, as well as their practical application. Such a scheme significantly shortens the training period and improves the efficiency of classes. First of all, there is training in hand position and rudimentary drummer's technique, and then practice (playing the drums to the minus in the main musical styles, the use of a double pedal for the bass drum, etc.) Practice takes place in a studio with acoustic and electronic drum machines and modern sound equipment. Audio and video recordings of lessons are conducted to analyze technical progress and creative growth, an individual history of the student's education is created. The methodology has been successfully adapted also for online learning. Lessons are conducted via Skype. The main task of our school of drummers is professional, quality and affordable education for all, regardless of gender, age and type of activity. Join us - attend drumming lessons in our studio!