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– It often happens in music schools, that the training is not conducted by a professional teacher, but by a musician, for whom lessons are a temporary job. His main activity is rehearsals, recording in the studio, touring, etc.. As a result, he has little practice of working with students and low quality of education.

+ Teaching experience of Paratriplet teacher Igor Ryabtsev – more than 15 years since graduating from Stanislav Makievsky. He opened his own school at 2006 as a branch of the "Intelldrummer" studio .

– Many teachers do not have a consistent teaching method. It often happens, that it's just a set of different exercises, which was downloaded from the Internet, or found on Youtube. The effectiveness of such a chaotic approach is close to zero.

+ Paratriplet Studio uses teaching methods, which consists of clear successive steps. It is designed more than 30 years ago by Stanislav Makievsky, a large number of the best modern drummers of Ukraine and abroad studied there. This system does not stand still, and is constantly being improved and updated, maintaining a harmonious basis, clarity and simplicity (more details – in the section METHOD).

– On the average drum school site you won't find any quality videos , of students play. Only beautiful staged photos.

+ On this page, as well as in the section METHOD and on our Youtube channel you can watch real videos of students of studio “Paratriplet” and graduates of S. Makievsky's studio.

– You will definitely come across advertising, which guarantees, that for 1-2 lessons you will learn and play a song, or even two. But everyone is aware, it is impossible “to pump up” for 1-2 workout in the gym) Neural connections are not formed instantly, it takes time. A drum part is also a set of certain movements, which are brought to automatism. Lack of these basic skills leads to playing with constantly tensed muscles and poor sound production. At the same time you will get tired and constantly get out of rhythm. Memorization of such a scheme makes subsequent training unpromising.

+ In the studio “Paratriplet” you will consistently learn and master basic movements, which will allow you to play the accompaniment freely, which is suitable for most modern music. It will take a few productive individual lessons.

– Many schools practice in groups, or so-called "party" lessons, this allows the owner to earn more with a minimum of effort. However, only a small part of the teacher's attention is given to each student. The students cannot 100% focus on their play, their mistakes. They are distracted by other participants of the event. If you are taking classes for "hanging out" – do not expect the benefits of such activities.

+ Lessons in the studio "Paratriplet" are held only individually - this is a prerequisite for maximum progress. We are focused on the result.

– One of the signs of non-professional training – lack of balance between theory and practice. You will be put behind the drums at once, without even explaining, how to hold sticks correctly, or, on the contrary, they will burden the theory so much, so you will see drumset at best, in six months.

+ In the Paratriplet studio, theory goes hand in hand with practice - from the first lesson, all the exercises and techniques of are practiced on drumset for automatism with appropriate music and video to monitor your further progress..

– The average musician specializes and improves his skills in a limited set of related musical styles. His student is forced to follow a narrow path, without the possibility of independent choice of direction of development.

+ The technique used in the Paratriplet studio provides the necessary base and set of techniques for mastering any of the existing styles of music - jazz, funk, drum`n`bass, hip-hop, latin, rock, punk, metal, etc..

  • Proper seating on the drum chair
  • Types of gripping sticks with your hands, features of sound production
  • Hand movements while playing drums, feet playing on drum pedals
  • Learning to read notes from a sheet using a unique “perforation” method
  • Simple fateful rhythms and playing accompaniment to the music

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